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CGC Sheetrock 90 CGC Sheetrock 90
Last Modified: 2017-12-06

CGC Sheetrock 90


CGC Sheetrock Brand 90 Setting-Type Joint Compound

CGC Sheetrock® Brand 90 Setting-Type Joint Compound is an excellent compound for embedding tape, bead and trims.

Its special formulation provides a lightweight product that has a superior bond, permits same-day joint finishing and is easy to handle and sand.  It is ideal for heavy fills and is virtually unaffected by humidity.

Applied Use

Ceilings, Interior Finishes, Interior Walls

CGC Sheetrock 90

Easy to mix, apply, and sand to a smooth finish Exceptional bond with low shrinkage Permits one day finishing with next day decoration Excellent for patch and repair work (deep fills and/or large cracks) Sets in 85-130 minutes
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