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CGC Strait-Flex Mid-Flex 300 CGC Strait-Flex Mid-Flex 300
Last Modified: 2017-12-06

CGC Strait-Flex Mid-Flex 300



CGC Strait-Flex Mid Flex 300

Strait-Flex® Mid-Flex 300 Paper-Faced Composite Drywall Tape is ideal for inside, outside and angled corners.

With its memory-free hinge design it speeds installation and allows you to create straight corners where framing irregularities may exist. The paper edging allows for easier feathering and prevents edge cracking. The diamond-punched paper ensures ultimate bonding and faster drying time.

Applied Use: Ceilings - Interior Finishes - Interiors Walls

CGC Strait-Flex Mid-Flex 300

Printed center line for easy alignment Diamond-punched pattern guarantees an even lay-down of paper, providing maximum adhesion with no wrinkling or blistering Second coat of compound can be applied immediately; very light skim-coat to finish Laminated nose ensures perfect corners without paper fuzz-ups during finishing and sanding Cuts easily with knife or scissors No curl-up after folding product No cracks - no callbacks Waterproof and rustproof Available in width of 76mm (3")
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