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CGC Structo-Lite Basecoat CGC Structo-Lite Basecoat
Last Modified: 2017-12-06

CGC Structo-Lite Basecoat


CGC USG Structo-Lite Basecoat Plaster

USG Structo-Lite Basecoat Plaster is a mill-mixed, lightweight, perlite-aggregate gypsum plaster that gives it a high insulation factor.

Its plastic working material will conform to various designs and help achieve durability in walls and ceilings.  USG Structo-Lite Basecoat Plaster is quickly and easily applied by hand or machine over gypsum or metal lath

Applied Use

Ceilings, Interior Finishes, Interior Walls

CGC Structo-Lite Basecoat

Lightweight plaster is quick and easy to apply Strong insulation properties Mill-mixed perlite-aggregate gypsum plaster Aggregate-free formulation saves time and labour
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