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Continental Building Products

Continental heritage in North America stretches back to 1956 when Lafarge first established its presence in the continent. Lafarge entered the drywall market in the 1990s and began embracing synthetic gypsum as a primary raw material near the decade’s end, as synthetic gypsum offered a new level of product consistency and environmental sustainability. 

In 2013, Lafarge Gypsum transformed into its own company – Continental Building Products, a name that honors our renewed focus on North America. One year later, Continental became a publicly traded company (CBPX) on the New York Stock Exchange.

We're excited to continue working alongside our customers to build a strong future together, rooted in our tradition of working with them to get the job done right. We combine operational excellence, sustainable practices and personalized service to deliver solutions as straightforward as they are sincere, as proactive as they are flexible and as fast as they are safe. Our people pair a can-do attitude with relentless focus to solve customer challenges tenaciously—and ultimately deliver streamlined operations. We leverage local production facilities and anticipate emerging needs to drive speed and economic value.

At Continental, we’ll be in the business of doing the job right for generations to come. Because we’re here to build meaningful, long-term partnerships with customers and communities.

Building Bison Strong

Website: http://www.continental-bp.com