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Products / Joint Compounds
CGC Durabond 90
  • Hard and durable finish
  • Can be used with Fiberock
  • Excellent for deep fills and/or large cracks
  • Sets in 85-130 minutes
  • Can be used on above grade concrete surfaces

CGC Durabond Brank 90 Setting-Type Joint Compound

CGC Durabond® Brand 90 Setting-Type Joint Compound is a multi-use product.  It is an excellent compound for embedding tape, bead and trims on gypsum panels.

Its special formulation provides a high strength bond with low shrinkage that finishes with a hard, plaster-like surface when dry and is virtually unaffected by humidity.  It is also ideal for laminating gypsum panels to above-grade concrete surfaces. CGC Durabond® 90 Setting-Type Joint Compound can also be used to fill, smooth, and finish interior concrete ceilings and above-grade concrete.

Applied Use

Apply Paper-Faced Bead, Covering above Grade Concrete, Laminating Drywall Panels, Patch & Repair Holes / Deep Fills, Plaster Repair, Pre-fill A Joint, Ridging Prevention, Same Day Finishing, Spot Fasteners, Tape Coat, Use in High Humidity Conditions