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Products / Joint Compounds
CGC Lite-Weight Taping Compound
  • Provides excellent bond
  • Maximum crack resistance
  • Excellent open time
  • Smooth application, lightweight and easy working


CGC Lite-Weight Taping Compound


CGC Sheetrock® Brand Lite-Weight Taping Compound is a high-performance product specifically formulated for the professional drywaller.

Designed for embedding joint tape and trims, this compound has been formulated to have great slip, spread, and open time so that the taping procedure can be accomplished quickly and easily. It also provides maximum bond and crack resistance to ensure high performance. All

of this comes in a light weight formula which is easy to work with reducing labour costs and improving the quality of the job.

CGC Sheetrock® Brand Lite-Weight Taping Compound is a ready-to-use product specifically formulated for embedding drywall tapes and trims.