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CGC Ultralight Drywall Compound
  • Lightweight: Weighs up to 30% less than conventional compounds with the same coverage capacity
  • Easy/Smooth Application: Superior slip enables tools to slide effortlessly over joints, reducing fatigue and improving productivity.
  • Low shrinkage: Resulting in finer finished work and allowing the use of two coats over corner beads and fasteners.
  • Versatile: Excellent bond for taping, resistance to cracking and denting with ease of sanding to finish joints and simplify decoration


CGC Ultralight Drywall Compound


CGC Sheetrock® Brand UltraLight Drywall Compound is a ready-mixed, high performance easy-to-use compound that weighs up to 30% less than conventional weight compounds.

Its lightweight formulation makes this product easier to handle, apply, and sand for better productivity. It is ideal for embedding tape, filling, and finishing joints, fasteners, bead and trim.