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CGC Machine Mud Compound CGC Machine Mud Compound
Last Modified: 2017-12-06

CGC Machine Mud Compound


CGC Machine Mud Drywall Compound

CGC Machine Mud® Brand Drywall Compound is a premium ready-mixed, high performance easy-to-use compound that is formulated for crater-free application. Its smooth and creamy consistency provides superior slip and excellent body for taping, filling and finishing drywall joints using either mechanical or hand tools. Its lightweight properties make it easy to sand and has little shrinkage.

CGC Machine Mud® Drywall Compound is also excellent for fasteners, bead, trim and skim coating.

Applied Use

Ceilings, Interior Finishes, Interiors Walls

CGC Machine Mud Compound

Ideal for machine or hand application with little or no mixing required Less air entrainment- less craters equals fewer passes to achieve a smooth finish Excellent bond for taping Lightweight for easier sanding and less shrinkage Smooth and easy application
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