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CGC Sheetrock Patching Compound CGC Sheetrock Patching Compound
Last Modified: 2017-12-06

CGC Sheetrock Patching Compound



CGC Sheetrock & Durabond Setting-type Patching Compounds

Our line of CGC Sheetrock® and Durabond® Brand Setting-Type compounds can be purchased in convenient re-sealable pouches for small projects.  Excellent for embedding tapes, patches and making small repairs to drywall surfaces.

Use CGC Sheetrock® Brand 5, 20 or 90 for a lightweight formula that has superior bond, permits same day joint finishing and is easy to handle and sand.  CGC Durabond® Brand 90 provides a high strength bond with a hard, plaster-like surface when dry that is virtually unaffected by humidity.

CGC Sheetrock Patching Compound

We only stock Sheetrock 5 Quick Turn around for non-stock items Convenient re-sealable pouch Easy to mix and apply CGC Sheetrock® Brand 5, 20 and 90 are easy to sand to a smooth finish Numeric identifier is associated with setting time (ex. CGC Sheetrock® 90 sets in 85-130 mins, CGC Sheetrock® 20 in 20-30 minutes) CGC Durabond® Brand can be used on above grade concrete surfaces
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