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Level V Primer With M2Tech Level V Primer With M2Tech
Last Modified: 2017-12-06

Level V Primer With M2Tech


Level V Wall and Ceiling Primer/Surfacer with M2Tech

Level V Wall and Ceiling Primer/Surfacer is a high quality PVA product applied in a production spray application to create a smooth wall finish that also gives mold resistance. It takes a level 4 finish to level 5 without the need to skim coat by hand. Level V allows the paint to absorb at the same rate over the entire gypsum surface by sealing the porosity between the joint compound and the wallboard paper surface which provides a uniform finish coat.
Thanks to M2Tech technology, the product achieves the highest possible score of 10 when tested per ASTM D3273.
5 US Gal. / 18.9 L Pail
Apply with 1/4", 3/8" or 1/2" roller. The smaller the nap the less the stipple.
Roll out to desired stipple which is approximately 6 mils wet. Allow to dry.
Light sanding with 150-220 grit is optional.

Spray-on Application:
Apply Level V Wall and Ceiling Primer / Surfacer with an airless that sprays at least 1 gallon per minute, pump pressure rated at 2700-3000 psi and spray tip orifice between 0.023 and 0.031. Light sanding is option with 150-220 grit to smooth fall out or imperfections. Respirator not required but recommended. Clean tools, equipment with soapy water and rinse. 

Level V Primer With M2Tech

Color: White Finish: Flat Packaging: 5 US Gal. (18.9 L) Pail Coverage: Approximately 110-160 square feet (10.2–14.9 square meters) per gallon applied at 10-15 wet mils. Two coat application is optional. Shelf Life: One year when properly stored and sealed. Storage: Store materials in a dry area. Protect materials from direct sunlight. Store materials at a temperature between 40 degrees F – 120 degrees F (4 degrees C 49 degrees C)
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