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Updated Price Increase Annoucement

March 19, 2018



To: Our Valued Customers


Please be aware of the announced price increases on the following products from our manufacturers.


New Increase Announcements are listed below


MANUFACTURER                  PRODUCTS                                     DATE                          INCREASE


Bailey Metal                          All Steel Products                           April 1st, 2018                       10 % 

                                                                                                     May 1st, 2018                        15%

Owens Corning                    All Fiber Glass Products                 June 1st, 2018                         9%

Johns Manville                     All Fiber Glass Products                 June 1st, 2018                         9%

Steelform                              All Steel Products                          April 1st, 2018                        10%

                                                                                                    May 1st, 2018                        15%

Trim-Tex                               All Trim-Tex Products                     April 1st, 2018                       8-10%

CGC/Rockfon/Armstrong   All Tile & Grid Products                   April 1st, 2018                          5%

Owens Corning/DOW         All Extruded Polystyrene Rigid      April 16th, 2018                        7%

Rockfon                                 All Ceiling Grid Products                 April 30th, 2018                   10%

Grabber                                  All Fastener Products                      May 1st, 2018                      5%

Rockfon                                 All Ceiling Grid Products                 June 4th, 2018                      5%


All Spruce/Plywood Products are on the rise. (CN Shorting Rails - High Demand) Approx.  Increase 20%

Previous 2018 Price Increase Announcements are listed below


MANUFACTURER             PRODUCTS                                     DATE                                     INCREASE


Bailey Metal                        All Steel Products                          January 1st, 2018                       10 %

Owens Corning                   All Fiber Glass Products                February 2nd, 2018                      8%

Johns Manville                    All Fiber Glass Products                February 5th, 2018                       8%

Rockwool                            All AFB Products                            March 1st, 2018                           6%

(Formerly ROXUL)

CGC                                   All Drywall Products                        March 1st, 2018                         10%

CGC                                   All Compound Products                  March 1st, 2018                           7%

Permabase                         All Cement Board Products            March 1st, 2018                           8%

CertainTeed Ceilings          All Tile & Grid Products                   March 15th, 2018                        5%


Please check for current pricing when quoting or placing orders. If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact us at any time.

Thank you for your continued support.

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