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AMICO Security Mesh sheets are steel mesh panels used as a penetration resistant shield behind drywall. It is easy to install for medium and maximum security. These sheets are to be attached with AMICO Secura Clips to metal or wood studs in walls, floors, and ceilings. Security Mesh is made by simultaneously slitting and stretching a solid sheet of steel making one continuous sheet that cannot unravel at the strands. AMICO Security Mesh is readily available in carbon or stainless steel.

Security Mesh has been specified and installed for over 20 years. Manufactured by AMICO, the original Security Mesh is the physical security behind the wall building standard. Used in government buildings, courthouses, retail stores, money rooms, hospitals, banks, police stations, or any application where a heightened level of security is required


Security Mesh
Security Level
ASM .75-9F Maximum
ASM 1.5-9F Medium
ASM .75-13F Medium
ASM 1.5-13F Minimum

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