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Last Modified: 2018-02-27



  • Environmentally safe - VOC-compliant
  • Quick grab - Minimal bracing
  • Nonflammable - No offensive odor
  • Bond FRP to many common porous building materials
  • Cleans easily with water in wet state
  • Achieves NFPA Class A fire rating

ItemSizeApprox CoverageStockQTY
Fast Grab4 Gal200-225YesAdd To Quote
Fast Grab1 Gal50YesAdd To Quote
Advanced Polymer3.5 Gal210NoAdd To Quote
Solvent-Based5 Gal250NoAdd To Quote


GREENchoice Fast Grab FRP Adhesive

Titebond GREENchoice Fast Grab FRP Adhesive is a high-quality, VOC-compliant, adhesive specifically formulated for the installation of FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) panels. Its fast grab and bonding power greatly reduce the need for extended bracing. 

GREENchoice Fast Grab FRP is environmentally superior and contains no ozone-depleting chemicals. Unlike solvent-based adhesives, it is nonflammable, emits no harmful fumes and cleans up with water.

4 Gallon Pail = Approx. 200 sf (over drywall)

Titebond Solvent-Based FRP Adhesive is a versatile, high-quality adhesive designed for the installation of plywood, tileboard, FRP, pre-finished hardboard, gypsum wallboard and other paneling materials. It exceeds the ASTM C557 specification. 

Titebond Solvent-Based FRP Adhesive provides excellent water-resistance and remains permanently flexible. It is easy to trowel and offers a 30-minute working time to allow precise placement of the working materials.


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