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Last Modified: 2017-12-06

Envirowall Components


The Envirowall aluminum door frame system is designed for use in both demountable and standard drywall partitions.  It is cost competitive to both hollow metal and wood door frame systems and offers the added benefit of being pre-finished.Frame installation is done after the demountable or drywall partitions have been completed thereby minimizing the risk of product damage. ENVIROWALL offers its aluminum frames in 3 throat sizes: 3-1/2", 4-5/8" and 4-7/8".

Significant performance features of the Envirowall aluminum door frame system include:

  • Steel plate hinge reinforcement – each individual hinge is backed by a steel plate.  This feature allows the hanging of solid core or wide oversized doors with no future performance failures.
  • Factory mounted hinges – an added benefit for installing contractors.  Frames can be installed faster and doors ordered pre-mortised and pre-machined to match.
  • One piece sidelite headers – door frame with sidelite kits have a one piece header providing a sturdy and fast installation.
  • Glazing components – the Envirowall glazing components offer more design flexibility than competing systems.  The designer can create small or irregular shaped windows with no resulting on site fabrication issues.  The two part Envirowall glazing bead also allows glass to be installed more “tightly” to finished opening.

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Envirowall Components

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