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Products / Access Panels
Acudor FW-5050-UP Fire
  • Insulated Door Panel
  • Self-Closing
  • Self-Latching
  • Inside Latch Release
  • For Fire Rated Ceilings
  • Approved By Wamock Hersey International for 3 hours
  • (Max Size to 24" x 36")


Acudor FW-5050-UP Fire Rated Upswing


The Acudor FW-5050-UP is an upswing fire rated access door approved for installation in ceilings.  This door has been approved by Warnock Hersey International for three hours, with a mximum size of 24" x 36".  The door panel is insulated and has a coil spring for dampening when closing.  The FW-5050-UP is available in both steel with a prime coat of white baked enamel and also stainless steel with a #4 satin polish.