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CGC Securock Sheathing
  • Treated gypsum core combined with fiberglass face and back offers exceptional water resistance
  • Scores and snaps easily for quick installation
  • For use in most exterior systems when properly detailed by exterior finish manufacturer
  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM C1177
  • Product Number: 112SR008 (4x8x1/2") - 158SR008 (4x8x5/8")

Quality noncombustible, moisture and mould resistant panels that core and snap easily and accept fasteners well.



CGC Securock® Brand Glass-Mat Sheathing Panels are designed for use under exterior claddings where conventional gypsum sheathing products have traditionally been used, such as brick veneer, properly detailed Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS), clapboard siding, panel siding, shingle siding, shake siding and conventional stucco.