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Drywall Corner Bead & Metal Trims Drywall Corner Bead & Metal Trims
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Last Modified: 2017-12-06

Drywall Corner Bead & Metal Trims


4411 Channel Trim

A tapeable steel casing that provides maximum protection at door and window jambs. Quickly installed by nailing through channel and board into the jamb or framing (For use with 1/2' or 5/8' wallboard)

90º Drywall Corner Bead

This Drywall Corner Bead, manufactured using sturdy zinc-coated steel, provides excellent protection to external corners.  The holes and knurled surface provide an excellent 'key' for the joint compound. The Corner Bead can be applied either with nails, screws or clinch-on tools

130º Drywall Corner Bead

This Drywall Corner Bead was specifically designed to provide protection to external 130º wide angle corners. 130º Corner Bead is available from stock with 1 1/4' or 1 1/8' flanges. (This is to fit 135º corners)

D-200 Drywall Metal Trim

For use with 1/2' and 5/8' Wallboard This Drywall Trim provides a neat finish and solid protection to gypsum wallboard at window and doorjambs where wood trim is omitted. Holes in the flange provide a 'key' for the joint cement.


D-400 Metal Trim

Provides edge protection at window and door openings, and where wall board butts against concrete or other materials. Finishing cement is optional. (For use with 1/2', 3.8' or 5/8' wallboard)

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