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Drywall Bead Panels Drywall Bead Panels Drywall Bead Panels
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Last Modified: 2018-01-17

Drywall Bead Panels


  • Door: 14 ga. steel
  • Box Return Frame: 16 ga. steel. These models have a 1" wide perforated flange of 24 ga. galvanized steel for mounting purposes
  • Hinge: Fully-concealed piano type hinge. Number of hinges varies with size of door and will be placed on long side of door unless otherwise requested
  • Latches: Flush, stainless steel cam operated with screwdriver. Latches are positioned opposite hinge as well as top and bottom on larger sizes
  • Finish: Electrostatically applied baked grey enamel coat over rust inhibiting phosphate treated steel. This coating can be used as a finish or as a prime coating
  • Options Available: (AT EXTRA COST) • Keyed Cylinder Locks with 2 keys • Air-tight Neoprene Gasketing • Stainless Steel Finish #304 or #316 • Additional Accessories refer to back cover

Door SizeWall OpeningHingesCam LatchWeight (lbs)QTY
WB-DW 8" X 8"+ 1/4"113Add To Quote
WB-DW 10" X 10"+ 1/4"115Add To Quote
WB-DW 12" X 12"+ 1/4"117Add To Quote
WB-DW 12" X 24"+ 1/4"3212Add To Quote
WB-DW 14" X 14"+ 1/4"239Add To Quote
WB-DW 16" X 16"+ 1/4"2311Add To Quote
WB-DW 18" X 18"+ 1/4"2312Add To Quote
WB-DW 22" X 22"+ 1/4"3418Add To Quote
WB-DW 22" X 30"+ 1/4"4424Add To Quote
WB-DW 22" X 36"+ 1/4"5527Add To Quote
WB-DW 24" X 24"+ 1/4"3420Add To Quote
WB-DW 24" X 36"+ 1/4"5527Add To Quote
WB-DW 24" X 48"+ 1/4"7637Add To Quote
WB-DW 30" X 30"+ 1/4"5529Add To Quote
WB-DW 30" X 36"+ 1/4"5531Add To Quote
WB-DW 36" X 36"+ 1/4"5742Add To Quote

Drywall Bead Panels


The Williams Brothers Corporation manufactures a large selection of access doors in a range of materials and finishes.

Products include basic, utility and premium general purpose access doors in primed or stainless steel., standard, premium and ceiling fire-rated models, recessed or special surface doors, and multiple levels of security doors.

The company’s success is a result of its flexibility and adaptability to changing demands of the marketplace and commitment to total customer satisfaction.

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